Alexandra tunnel entrances and other seldom seen places

I have often wondered where exactly are the tunnel entrances located.  Here they are!

Alexandra Hospital tunnel entrances “A”, :B”, “C” and “D”

Tunnel Entrance A

Tunnel entrance A from far
A entrance
A inner entrance
Inside entrance A

Tunnel Entrance B

B from far
B nearer
Inside entrance B

Tunnel Entrance C

Entrance C
Inside Entrance C

Tunnel Entrance D

Entrance D from far
Inside D

Did I miss out any tunnel entrances?

Railway was a stone’s throw away from the hospital
The railway line used to be only a stone’s throw away
Reminder that there used to be a mini railway coming into the hospital

In one of the episodes of Hey Singapore! (The secret tunnels of Alexandra), Romen Bose says while doing research at Kew, he came across a military plan of the hospital showing a mini railway going into the hospital.  Perhaps one day someone will find remains of this!

Old water facility
I didn’t know there was a shrine in the hospital grounds

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